Machine Tool Technology

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Almost every product made by American industry contains metal parts or is manufactured by machines made of metal parts. Many of these parts are cut to precise dimensions by machine workers who use a wide variety of machine tools. The Tennessee College of Applied Technology McKenzie's Machine Tool Technology program prepares students for jobs in the metalworking industry as machinist. Students must enjoy precision work, be analytical, work well in teams, have good manual dexterity and spatial aptitude (visualization skills). Typical tasks include setting up machines, operating controls and checking accuracy in the process of manufacturing metal parts for motors, machinery, tools, dies, gauges, etc.

Technical information is covered in lecture and demonstrations; practical application takes place in the laboratory. The Machine Tool program is a technical diploma program focusing on hands-on machine shop experience.

Instruction is given in related blueprint reading, mathematics, precision measuring and basic metallurgy. Instruction is also offered on basic machine tools such as the conventional lathes, milling machines, grinders and drill presses. Also emphasized in the program are the computerized lathe and milling machine, as well as on the wire EDM machine, CADD and CAM Systems and the coordinate measuring machine.

Over one million persons are employed as machinists, tool and die makers, instrument makers, machine tools operators and set-up and lay-out persons. There are many advancement opportunities for the experienced machinist. Many become foremen, others may, with specialized training, become tool and die makers.

Course Awards and Length

Machinist I Diploma 2160 hours

General Machinist Diploma 1728 hours

Machine Set-Up Operator Certificate 864 hours

Production Machine Tender Certificate 432 hours

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